Free Birthday Cakes!

Dear Mom's and Dad's 

We understand times have been tough, so we are here to help you out. During the month of April, we will be offering free 6 inch mini cakes (or 6 cupcakes) to kids aged 12 and under. This is not a buy one get one, these are FREE cakes to any kids with an April birthday (Sorry Teens+ we'll get you next time).

*If you need gluten/something free, we can accommodate*


- Must be 12 or under
- Must present birth certificate or some form of verification upon arrival
- Curbside Pickup

- Absolutely no demanding, but if you have a request, we will try our best to help!

We will still taking normal orders, so please have patience! If we get too bogged down, we will have a cutoff, so order ahead of time!!!

Weekly Flavors

1st-4th: Hot Chocolate & Orange Dreamsicle

5th-11th: Strawberry & Cookies and Cream

12th-18th: Red Velvet & Lemon

19th+: White Chocolate & Iced Raspberry

Due to the LARGE amounts of requests, we will be setting pickup days:  Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays of each week from 3-5pm (Contact us if you are in dire need of another time/day).

*Vanilla will be available throughout the month.  See our Facebook and send us a message for further details.  Thanks for your patience!*




We're the best at making whatever you need taste delicious.  Make sure you ask us about our allergy-friendly options.

Say Yes...

Not only to your soulmate, but also to us!  We pride ourselves in making not only your wedding cake, but also your wedding day a date to remember...

Beautifully decorated catering banquet t
Tiered Wedding Cake
A woman arranges her marriage with a dra

Don't Stress, We've Got You



We do a ton of catering!  Save yourself the hassle and book with us for weddings, business luncheons, showers, and much much more!

- Our Blog -

Where you can find info or ask us questions, find recipes, and see helpful tips and hints in a relaxed environment.   Ask us anything, we're here to help!

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Post Baking





Scratch -Baked Quiche

We bake our quiche with our homemade recipe. 

Thick, Buttery, Flaky, Crust with your choice of meats, cheeses, and vegetables.  Make your own or select from our most popular designs.

Just For You


Phone: 325-899-7484


480 E. Ambler Ave Abilene, TX


Mon - Sat - Special Orders/Events Only

Sunday - Closed for Special Reservations

*Mondays & Tuesdays are open for consultations .  Please call in advance to set up a meeting.*

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